About us


Health insurance

We’re interested in keeping staff productivity high, so you can be sure we have always got your back

Education compensation

We allocate a training budget for every team member, thus letting you advance professionally. You can choose professional development or English courses

Spirit of partnership

Our management culture is democratic and inclusive, favoring staff input and focusing on flexible, participatory decisions

Сompany academy courses

You can take 4IRE Academy’s courses to advance your professional skills free of charge, and grow as a specialist

Performance review

We complete a performance review every 6 months to adjust your remuneration and to set up new goals

Mentoring and coaching

If you’re only starting out as a junior developer, we’ll take care of assigning an expert mentor onboarding and effectively guiding you throughout the initial period

Conference attendance

4IRE experts attend all worthy, popular conferences in blockchain and fintech, so you receive a unique chance to join the global tech community

Hackathon participation

We hold hackathons every year, offering a generous prize for contenders and collecting a vibrant tech community under one roof

Career change flexibility

We support every team member in self-development and growth efforts, helping explore various tech niches and careers at 4IRE

Entertainment events

We hold regular entertainment events and corporate parties to let every team member communicate beyond the office walls

Flexible schedules

You can work full-time in our office or opt for a more flexible, part-time work schedule from your premises to enjoy the freedom of scheduling

Paid vacation and sick leave

We provide paid time off and paid sick leave to support the mental and physical health of all our team members